The Wish Manifesto

The Wish Manifesto


What if everything were possible?

Wishing is not just for children. As adults, we need to remind ourselves that the power to manifest is still available to us through our daily practice.

The Wish Manifesto is a journal which helps you materialise the things you need, want, desire and require in your life.  A perfect bedside book or inspirational gift which can be used as a keepsake as your dreams and goals come to fruition. With 100 pages to capture your wishes, update them and record what you did to manifest them.

To get the most from your journal, keep it close-by, update your manifesting progress as a form of gratitude and review your wishes often to ensure they still align with what you’re after.

Buy two copies - one for you, one for a friend - to qualify for free postage anywhere in the world.

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