Finding Brave


Get your brave on, girl.

Take up your mantle as Queen. From there let the dark noise wash over you.  The wind will quietly move the untidiness of the throng, with its shallow judgements and picky expectations, to another place where you do not stand.  Move away from the sheep.

Take your courage in hand. 

Be still enough to know that you'll be more than ok. Settle your nerves. You will be what the world needs. You already are. You will change minds.  There will be new love.  Seasons will continue to come and go; somedays cold, others to burn your feet just before you reach your ocean.

Stand up to the small acts of unnecessary power.  Tell them to move along. That they have no place here.  Call them out everytime; the bully, the abuser, the narcissist, and the others, so many of them.  Gather your Tribe around you.  Show them, join with them, share.  

Be a collective that does something to make the world more accepting, romantic, dynamic. Make it more something other than what it is.  You can feel it but the word is hard to find.  We are so exhausted.

Make your time count.  Don't hide in your room.  Don't get caught up by celebrity, fashion, awe of the material things.  

Be brave.  Go authentic every time. Leave those others behind you.

Find your spot, take your space, be bold.

Don't let the bastards get you down.

Love widely.  Adventure further.  Let go.  Fuck the system.